Exploring My Shemsu Name

IV Shomu 5

One of the most important rites of passage within the Kemetic Orthodox faith is the Shemsu naming, in wich our Nisut (AUS), Hekatawy I, consults with our spiritual “parents” to discover our “name”. Each name has it’s own meaning and is intimately connected with our parent(s). As part of this naming ceremony, we (the Shemsu) are charged with the responsibility of learning the “secrets” of our Shemsu name. This can mean different things to differnt people.

As I was only named three days ago, I haven’t had much time to do a whole lot of exploration so obviously I haven’t come to any huge revelations concerning my name. However, I am beginning to think more about it as the initial excitement begins to settle.

A few questions were posed regarding names on the HoN forum. These are my answers as of today (bare in mind, it’s only been three days ;)

1. What is your Shemsu name? ZabetRa
2. What is the translation of your name? “Ra’s dignity”
3. What was your immediate reaction upon learning your name? Excitement! Awe! A sense of belonging to my Father and an enormous sense of pride!
4. What do you think of your name now? It’s only been three days, my initial feelings haven’t worn off yet ;)
5. Has your name effected your relationship with your Parent(s) at all? (Strengthened, weakened, etc) Absolutely! I was immediately connected with my Father! I felt bonded to Him even though I had not yet begun to forge a relationship.
6. I would like to hear about any and all experiences you’ve had in exploring your name. What are the deeper meanings to your name? etc. I need some more time before I can properly answer this question ;)
7. Looking back at before you were named, were there any experiences where the meaning of your name is obviously a part of what happened? Hmmm… gonna have to spend some time thinking about this one. Good question though! It’s all part of the process ;)

I felt that questions six and seven in particular deserved an entry all their own so keep an eye out for future posts on this topic ;)


~ Zabet


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