Reflecting on RPD

IV Shomu 6

So, I was thinking last night about my Father and beloveds and how they’ve manifested in my life in various ways long before I knew who they were. Or at least I like to think it was Them ;)


Last year, one morning early on my way to work, it was a particularly foggy morning. Personally, I love mornings like that. But anyway, I live in a rural area where on my way to work there are lots of hills. Reaching the top of one of these hills, the thick fog made it possible to look directly at the rising sun without needing to look away. The sight I saw and the warmth I felt was virtually indescribable. I cried. It was that powerful.


I love hawks, I love watching falconry events. As a child I was always fascinated by them. But it goes deeper than that. Throughout my life, I would see pictures of statues of Heru online or in documentaries on TV and would have an overwhelming sense of reverence. This was well before I was ever thinking about Kemetic religion as a valid spiritual path though. I tended to brush it off as nothing more than a curiosity at the time.


Five years ago, late one night, Bast appeared to me in a dream out of nowhere. While just three months prior I had been introduced to Paganism, I actually wasn’t actively practicing anything and had done no reading at all on Kemetic religion. 

The dream opened in complete darkness. Soon, I heard a flood of “street noise” and it became clear I was standing in an alleyway. Light shone through at the opposite end and I watched the silhouette of a cat walk into the light, sit down and stare right into my soul. A flash of golden light gleaned from one eye. She then got up and walked away. immediately after that I woke up. It wasn’t until four years after that that I began to really look into Kemetic beliefs and practices but I never forgot that experience and credit Bast with bringing me  “home”.


Djehuty has been a little more subtle in how he’s manifested in my life I think. A pull toward the moon, an insatiable need to understand philosophical, mathmatical and spiritual concepts. However these things never struck me as anything other than just being a part of who I am until now. When I look back at my childhood and remember how I felt the first time I learned about Phi or the golden section in nature… I can’t help but think about Djehuty and see Him in those early feelings about the spirituality in mathmatic concepts. His influence has definately been there, even if I wasn’t able to recognize it until now.


Wepwawet-Yinepu has been there in a couple of ways. Occurances in my life have always been very “coincidental”, chains of events all linked by purpose I think. The saying that when one door closes another one opens very accurately applies here. I tend to leave one door and walk into another with relative ease. I’m the kind of person who sees meaning in almost every happening in my life. Everything is an opportunity and when one door is closed to me, I look for another way.

The other way in which I have seen Him active in my life concerns the way I approach the subject of death vs. the way my family approaches the subject of death. I, very much, have always had a tendency toward ancestor veneration. I keep the ashes of my pets, I want to visit grave sites, I want to experience the emotions that come with that. My family’s tendency, at least my mother’s side, is avoidence. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we have very different approaches. My father has a picture of me when I was five years old sitting in front of a head stone in a small cemetary with my hand flat against the face of the stone. He says that I wondered off and this is where he found me…

Call it wishful thinking if you’d like. I prefer to think that my Father and beloveds have always been there and have been influencing my life all along ;)


~ Zabet


2 Responses to “Reflecting on RPD”

  1. awesome post :D i think its amazing how they really have been with us from the start we just never really notice it at first.

  2. All that just waiting…. truly wondrous isn’t it?

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