Learning The Kemetic Orthodox Calendar

IV Shomu 7

As I am still relatively new to Kemetic Orthodoxy, I haven’t yet come to completely understand and/or memorize it’s festival calendar. In an attempt to help myself learn, I have decided to post the corresponding Kemetic Orthodox date in the upper left corner of each post to this blog :)


~ Zabet


2 Responses to “Learning The Kemetic Orthodox Calendar”

  1. The things to remember:

    1- There are over 500 Kemetic holidays.

    2- Some holidays are celebrated for days and days.

    3- Many are calculated based on when the star Sopdet (Sirius) comes over the horizon. Some are calculated on a lunar basis. They never fall on the same day of our calendar.

    4- They all seem to involve beer. (Actually, that’s the most important, isn’t it?”

    • I have Hemet’s book, The Ancient Egyptian Prayer Book which lists A LOT of the Kemetic festivals (though I’m not sure there’s 500 of them in their). Personally I’m going to be focusing on the festivals relavent to my Father, beloveds and the Akhu.

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