Correct Me When I’m Wrong…

IV Shomu 9

I am not a writer of any great talent, at least not in my own opinion. I consider myself… reasonably intelligent… but I still have a lot to learn. If ever I write something that was not communicated clearly or flat-out wrong or inaccurate, PLEASE let me know. I welcome constructive criticism. Anything that motivates one to do more research into their topic can’t be all bad ;)


~ Zabet


2 Responses to “Correct Me When I’m Wrong…”

  1. Avonell Says:

    Em hotep Zabat!

    You probably don’t know me, but I’ve seen you around the forums. I just wanted to give you my congratulations and tell you that your Father gave you quite the beautiful name. I keep saying it in my head… it’s fun. Zabetra… Zabetra…

    I hope that if I become a Shemshu, my name is short like yours. Some people have a bit of a mouthful with theirs.

    Imma shut up now.

    Keep posting! I’m loving this blog.

  2. Em hotep and thank you so much! I know all about a handful! My daughter was root named Akeruemhebet. She’s four, she just laughs at me when I call her that, lol.

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