My Shrine Is Finally Complete!

IV Shomu 21 – Second post of the day

My home shrine has been a work in progress for some time now. After my RPD, I immediately began looking for my final three statues. Ra, Djehuty and Wepwawet. Bast and Heru, interestingly enough, had both already had places of honor on my shrine for several years prior to that. Today, the final statue came in and I was able to complete this sacred space dedicated to my Father and beloveds and I wanted to share it with all of you :)







~ Zabet


PS. Some of you have brought it to my attention that the images in this post are too small to make much out. For this I apologize. Below I have posted links to the same images on my photobucket account. These images are larger so you should have no problem viewing them ;)



6 Responses to “My Shrine Is Finally Complete!”

  1. Avonell Says:


    The images are too small for me to make out much, but it looks like an amazing shrine!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these photos :)

  3. For those of you who were unable to view the photos originally posted, I edited the blog entry to include links to the photobucket images which are larger so that you should have no problems :)

  4. Katawysenu Says:

    That is a beautiful shrine! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Mistress of the Sycamore Says:

    Beautiful shrine Zabet. I love every detail esp. the statues. :)

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