Year 19 Reorganization… (cont.)

IV Shomu 28

So I have come to a few conclusions… personal opinions concerning the restructuring of my faith. The entry I wrote prior to this one was based largely on my initial emotional response to Hemet’s letter… not necessarily on logic. My decision to stay with the House as a Shemsu has not changed. Quite the opposite in fact. It has reaffirmed the reasons I chose the House of Netjer in the first place. I believe in it’s vision and everything that it stands for.

I said in my last post that had these expectations been enforced from the beginning perhaps this pill would have been easier to swallow for many people… or better yet, not necessary at all. But, it is what it is.

Moving forward, as I thought more about it today, I thought about what caused some of the problems to begin with. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that the process, as it has existed until now, is flawed and that you can’t necessarily blame the members for that (not that anyone is).

Kemetic Orthodoxy grew large and fast and the process of progressing through the various levels of membership that may have worked for a small group, did not work for a large scale, multinational, membership. If Hemet (AUS) expects her Shemsu to fall in line with her vision for this faith then it’s the process of selection of those Shemsu that needs to change, not the Shemsu themselves.

The process for moving forward from beginner to Remetj to Shemsu, if you go straight through without stopping to seriously think about your decisions, takes no more than approximately 14 weeks with wiggle room for the date one’s RPD falls on as namings only happen at the end of the month (and in fact, one is technically considered Shemsu even if one hasn’t been named yet, as long as they have declared that intent at their RPD). In addition, the only real requirement for progression is a statement that one would like to progress. It isn’t even expected that beginners actually take and return answers to the “quizzes” given during the beginners period! I know in our class, we were even told not to return any answers! With such loose requirements, it shouldn’t come as a shock that many of the membership don’t actually fall in line with the original vision for the faith! All of this needs to change. I believe that if the expectations of us as Shemsu are to be tightened, so too our expectations of the temple need to be as well. Our members aren’t flawed, the process is, and I hope that this letter is just the beginning of the House’s attempt at rectifying that.

Remetj, in my own opinion, should not be required to fall in line with Hemet’s vision in the same way that Shemsu do as Remetj are merely “friends” of the faith and not full converts to it. A Shemsu, on the other hand, is a full convert and so they need to be held to a higher standard! Again, this is a problem with the process, not the individual! Reaffirmation of expectations alone is not going to prevent this same issue from happening again in the future. Shemsu will still go on to do and believe whatever they want regardless of expectations if the process itself isn’t reevaluated.

For myself, nothing has really changed. I took my Shemsu vows seriously and I intend to stay with the House as a Shemsu. However, where once I thought I may just be able to get over my aversion to making vows to people and temples to perhaps one day move on to Shemsu-Ankhhood, there is now no doubt in my mind that I am not willing or able to do that. So a Shemsu I will stay and I’m ok with that :)


~ Zabet


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