Apologies For My Long Absence

II Akhet 2

I have been without internet access for a month thanks to the Verizon strike here. I apologize. Today is my daughter’s fifth birthday party but I plan on continuing work on the pages of this website beginning tomorrow if I am not able to squeeze in time for it today.

In the meantime… what have I been up to…

I am finding myself developing a closer bond with Djehuty. Or perhaps feeling his influence over my life more strongly. Since my RPD He has definitely become more… I wouldn’t say demanding, perhaps expectant would be a better word for it? His influence has become difficult to ignore. I can no longer sit on my ass without feeling guilty, like I should be doing something, lol. I get that feeling like He’s standing behind me, arms crossed and staring at me when I do, lol. I think of all the gods who turned up in my RPD, He has definitely been the most “vocal.”

This in mind, I have taken up several new ventures. I’m studying the Spanish language now and have convinced my husband to take Latin dance classes with me. I’m not sure how much Djehuty had to do with the dance, but He definitely seems pleased that I’ve decided to study a new language. It’s only been a few weeks. I still can’t speak it coherently without help from Google or my book, but I can read it rather well and picked up on proper pronunciation quickly…

I’m having a deja vu moment right now… I swear I’ve written this before… watching this same episode of Suits on TV… o.O


~ Zabet


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