03) Akhu – The Blessed Dead

“O You Who are high in the stars, You shall never die.”

– The Ancient Egyptian Prayer Book, P. 79, Akhu Prayer to Nut under the nighttime sky

The Akhu, the “Blessed” or “Shining Ones”, are the kau (spirits) of our ancestral dead. The Kemetic Orthodox belief is that as long as the Akhu are remembered, they shall never really die, but continue to live on and offer help and support to those of us left behind. In honor of our Akhu, many Kemetic Orthodox keep an Akhu shrine in their homes in addition to shrines dedicated to the Natjeru.

In the necropolis of ancient Egypt, clay pots are often found containing letters from the people to their Akhu. In honor of this tradition, the House has created a special page where members and friends of the faith often leave letters and prayers in remembrance of their Akhu.

Visit the Virtual Abdju at Kemet.org


In Loving Memory Of My Akhu, Known and Unknown…


  – George Carr Round (1839 – 1918)


  – George Charles Round (? – ?)


  – Nana (1920 – 1987)


  – Grandaddy Moore (1925 – 1995)


  – Grandma Michael (1926 – 2004)


  – Grandaddy Michael (1925 – 2009)


  – Uncle Bobby (1952 – 2011)


  – For my angel babies, I love you though we were not able to meet. (Dates of loss: 1999, 2002 and 2008)



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