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Keys and Pennies

Posted in Personal Piety on May 14, 2012 by ZabetRa

This morning I spent some time in my shrine, something I haven’t done in far too long, and made offerings of keys and pennies to Wepwawet… may he open the doors I need opened. Not exactly a lavish offering but the pennies and spare key had been sitting on the dresser in my bedroom for some time and I’d been feeling the urge to offer them for days and keys for Wepwawet are always appropriate. ^.^


~ Zabet


The new Lord of Light virtual shrine!

Posted in Personal Piety on April 24, 2012 by ZabetRa

Follow the link below to visit the newly created Lord of Light virtual shrine. Burn candles and leave prayers.

The Lord of Light Shrine


~ Zabet

Shrine Photo

Posted in Personal Piety on March 11, 2012 by ZabetRa

The new stones (lapis lazuli) remind me very much of Nut. ^.^

Dear Djehuty

Posted in Personal Piety on September 16, 2011 by ZabetRa

II Akhet 15

Dear Djehuty,

Please bring me the common sense to next time check the temperature of the bath water before climbing in and burning the skin off my feet and lower legs.

Thank you,
~ Zabet

Becoming A Better Shemsu

Posted in Personal Piety on July 28, 2011 by ZabetRa

IV Shomu 30

This entry was inspired by a post to the HoN forums at titled the same. The question was how can we become better Shemsu/Remetj? I make no excuses, I know I can do more to live within ma’at and become the Shemsu I’m supposed to be. Hemet’s letter to the community was just the kick in the pants I needed.

I’m the kind of person who is a bit of a perfectionist in a lot of areas. I let it spew into my spiritual life far too often. I don’t do Senut as often as I know I should because either my environment isn’t “right” or my mood isn’t “right” or I don’t feel spiritual enough at the moment… there is always an excuse.

Because of the lack of living space in our house, I am forced to keep my shrine cabinet in the basement which I absolutely hate. I can’t do anything about the size of my home but what I can  do is find a small space upstairs where I can bring my statue(s) and offering dishes when it’s time for Senut and return them to my shrine when I’m done with Senut. I’ve already begun to put this into practice. At the foot of our bed in the master bedroom sits a wicker trunk which is the perfect height for kneeling in front of. I’ve cleared the top of it of the piles of laundry and from now on, when it’s time for Senut, I will bring my statue(s) and offering dishes upstairs if I can’t bring myself to do Senut in the basement. No more excuses!

Another way I’ve let isfet into my life and ignored ma’at is by letting myself fall victim to being sucked into spending too much time online. This has allowed me plenty of opportunity to interact with the KO community but it has prevented me from actually living my faith and taking care of other responsibilities. I’m working on this as well. What I’ve done in the past is to place a lock on my computer so that it will only boot up during certain hours of the day, preventing me from being able to access the internet. Currently I only have access during the hours when my daughter is napping from 1pm-3pm and after she is in bed for the night, after 8pm.

These are my first steps toward living a better life within ma’at and becoming a better Shemsu.


~ Zabet