06) Heru-wer – Heru the Elder

“The forces of Isfet gathered at the edge of the desert and began to plot, against the Speckled Hawk, the Judge, the Great Soldier of Behdet. They lusted after His authority and wished to overthrow Him from the throne of Ma’at.

In darkness they plotted, behind sand, behind stone, plotted for the very life of the Lord of Two Lands, The Great Hawk, the holder of iron and the keeper of Laws…

But He knew their plans, considered in the night how best to meet them, to defeat them, before they reached the walls of His holy city. From His temple He flew as a hawk over darkness, higher and higher, to the very Throne of Ra Himself, beyond the star-studded vault of Nut.”

– The Ancient Egyptian Prayer Book, P. 43, Opening to The Legend of the Winged Disk

Heru-wer, a powerful masculine deity who commands respect for sure. He’s held a place of honor on my shrine now for the past four years and, along with Bast, was a key motivator in my decision to join the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer. I tend to experience him symbolically as the Udjat Eye, the Pschent or as the Winged Disk and emotionally as an overwhelming sense of reverence.

*This section is still under construction as I get to know this beloved.

Epithets for Heru-wer:

This list is in no way exhaustive, these epithets are merely some of my favorites.

  • Heru (G/R Horus) the Elder.
  • Great One of Speckled Plumage.
  • Great of Flame.
  • Lord of Terror.
  • Overthrower.

Offerings for Heru-wer:

  • Vodka.
  • Rum.
  • Mead.
  • Red Meats.
  • Flames.
  • Orange (incense).

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One Response to “06) Heru-wer – Heru the Elder”

  1. I feel that post and thanks for sharing. I have something to share the writing is below. Until next time Blessings of the Netjeru to you and yours. I’m out.



    This is a dovotional writing I had wrote which is dedicated to Horus,(Heru, which means, “He who is above”) god of the heavens, war, vengeance and light, which is titled “Horizon.” (Horus Rising) I had wrote this during my time in jail being that I was wrongfully incarcerated for 2 years (12/8/08- 10/1/10) for a crime I didn’t commit. The state eventually dropped the charge though it took them 2 years to do. The writing is below:


    > How art thou risen Mighty Horus, Son of the Morning Star!
    > Thee has risen beyond the material world, thy srength is the
    > icon of Great Nations that adore thee. By thy Will thee has
    > ascended into the highest heavens, May thy throne be exalted
    > above the stars. Thou has taken thy seat beside thy Holy Mother
    > and Father O, Great Restorer of thy Father’s Kingdom. Thee shall
    > ascend forevermore above and beyond and may all hail thee as the
    > Most High. Thy enemies shall be brought down to Hell and cast into
    > the terrible pit. They shall be delivered into the mouth of Ammut where
    > they shall be swallowed by the terrible devourer! Thy enemies that see
    > thee, shall fall to the ground and tremble in fear and they shall say,
    > “It is Mighty Horus! The Great Avenger! Let us hide from the
    > hawk-headed one for his wrath is great that it causes the earth to
    > tremble and kingdoms to shake!” But thy enemies shall find no place
    > to hide for thy eyes are All-seeing and sees into the innermost places,
    > they shall find no comforter to comfort them, for they did not pity thy
    > servants, they shall find no redeemer to save them, for no one will want
    > to share the lot that has been prepared for thy enemies. The dwelling places
    > of thy enemies shall be made desolate, their kingdoms shall be destroyed and
    > the inhabitants shall become prisoners of those that serve thee O, Mighty lord
    > the Just Avenger! Thy enemies are in power and blaspheme thy Might though
    > not for long for their ruin shall descend upon them like a flash of lightning!
    > Their carcase shall be burned for they are undeserving of a decent burial!
    > The evildoer shall be clutched by thy talons where there is no escape! Thy
    > enemies shall be slaughtered without pity and their cities destroyed and
    > with fire! Rise up against them Mighty son of Isis and erase the name of
    > Wipe out their remnant! May Israel be cut off from the root so that it may
    > rise again! Repay Israel tenfold for the grief it has caused to the
    descendants of
    > Khemet! Repay Israel for its blasphemy against the gods of Khemet, Just
    > Restore the land of Israel to Khemet, O, Mighty Lord! Haul the Islamics out of
    > and restore the land to its people! Make them remember Khemet and the Magesty
    > its Pharaohs! Cast the false god of Israel and Islam into the Abyss to be
    tormented by
    > the terrible ones! Repay Napoleon and his descendants tenfold for the attack
    > the Great Sphinx! Make them wish they never had step foot into Khemet! Take
    > the sight of thy enemies so that they dwell in darkness and restore sight to
    thy servants
    > that are blind so they may see and recognize thy enemies and cut them down to
    > ground! May all that offend thy Father’s Kingdom be cast away forever! May thy
    > shine upon thy people and servants so all that behold them shall know that ye
    are Lord
    > who is Great and True. Then from afar just as the sun rises above the horizon,
    > servants and people shall rise with thee in glory. Amen.

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