Chants and Prayers Available on CD

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For anyone interested, Matthew James is going to be doing personal prayers in Heiratic and chants on cd. You may contact him for pricing at the e-mail address below.


Kemetic Blogroll Updates

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Ok, I just did a mass add of Kemetic blogs on the site. For those House members who haven’t contacted me, if I managed to find your blog through other blogs I was adding, I added you as well, lol.


~ Zabet

Shrine Photo

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The new stones (lapis lazuli) remind me very much of Nut. ^.^


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IV Peret 5

I want to share with you a post I came across on a new blog I’m following here on WordPress. You may or may not already know that while my religious affiliation is Kemetic Orthodox, I also self identify as Ignostic… No, not the same thing as agnostic.

Ignosticism – Atheist, polyamorous, skeptics: Criticism is not uncivil

Dua Ra!

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New Look!

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I’ve updated the look of the site. I like the new dramatic effect. What are your thoughts?


~ Zabet

Site Updates

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Wow! It’s been five months since I’ve done anything with this site… Life sort of got in the way I guess.

I did spend time working on the site today though. I’ve added a significant amount of content to my dedication page for Bast-Mut. Feel free to take a look, share, comment. Your feedback is always appreciated.

For anyone who is wondering… Yes, I do intend to actually use the blog part of this website for something other than announcing website updates, lol. My main focus thus far has been getting my introduction and dedication pages up and complete before focusing on the blog itself but I promise you it’s coming. :)


~ Zabet