05) Ra – The Golden Sun

“Hail Ra in life and beauty on Your throne! May I be given the milk of Aset, the water of Nebt-het, the flood of the lake and the wave of the sea, life, prosperity, health and happiness, bread, beer, clothing and food so that I might live.”

– The Ancient Egyptian Prayer Book, P. 99, Prayer to Ra for Prosperity

The golden sun, representative of Ra’s power here on earth. Throughout Kemetic history Ra has been regarded as king and a central Name of Netjer by His followers. One of my absolute favorite stories about Ra is Cry of the Benu Bird by C. Shana Greger which talks about the majestic and glowing Benu bird, the very soul of Ra, who rose from the waters of Nun and, perched upon the Ben-ben, sang creation into existence.

Endless time began with the Benu’s cry. His glowing light is said to reside within the physical disk of the sun (Aten) and in the creator god, Atum, Who brought into being Shu, the first winds, and Tefnut, the first rains from Whom came Geb, the earth, and Nut, the sky. Geb and Nut produced four children: Wesir, Aset, Set, and Nebt-het (along with all the other luminous bodies in the heavens) and as Ra traveled across the body of Nut each day, He was swallowed up by Her in the West to be re-born again in the East at dawn. This family tree became the Ennead of Heliopolis, Iunu to the Kemetics, “city of the sun.”

*This section is still under construction as I get to know my Father.

Epithets for Ra:

This list is in no way exhaustive, these epithets are merely some of my favorites.

  • Lord of all Creation.
  • The Shining One.
  • The Glory of Atum, Who is in Heaven.
  • Lord of Light.
  • He Who Drives Out Darkness.
  • He Who is in the Horizon.
  • He Who is the Heart of the Heavens.
  • The Guardian of the Heavens.
  • He Who Creates the Heavens and the Earth.
  • The Breath of Life.
  • The Living One, Who Comes from the Horizon.
  • He Who Rises in the Horizon.
  • He Who Rises from the Nun to His Throne in the Heavens.
  • He Who Lit the Heavens and Earth by His Perfection.
  • The Power of Heaven.
  • The Great Secret Which is in Heaven.
  • He Who Pervades / Permeates Through the Sky.
  • He Who Traverses Heaven.
  • He Who Crosses the Heavens Every Day.

Offerings for Ra:

  • Oranges / Orange Juice.
  • Pomegranates / Pomegranate Juice.
  • Sandalwood (incense).
  • Lapis Lazuli.
  • Pyramids and Obelisks.
  • Yellow Topaz.
  • Lilies.

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  1. Very nice article :-) Also may I add that Ra enjoys pomegranates and pomegranate juice also.

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