09) Wepwawet-Yinepu – Opener of Ways

“Greetings, Wepwawet, Foremost of Iunu’s souls, Bringer and creator of ma’at! Bring the ma’at You have made for me! Greetings, Ra, Lord of the Great Nine, Wepwawet, beautiful one; Herishaef, living in Abdju! Life is Yours, it’s control is Yours, the Great Crown is Yours!”

– The Ancient Egyptian Prayer Book, P. 54, excerpt from Hymn to Wepwawet

Wepwawet, whose name means “Opener of Ways”, originally served as a war and funerary deity. His worship dates as far back as predynastic Egypt and He is often confused with Yinepu (G/R Anubis). As Wesir (G/R Osiris) took over the role of “Lord of the Underworld” and “Foremost of Westerners”, Yinepu absorbed the funerary functions associated with Wepwawet and ultimately became the more well-known of the two.

Generally speaking, in His iconography, Wepwawet is depicted as a full-bodied jackal standing upright upon His standard. Though He can also be shown as a jackal headed man, making Him more difficult to discern from Yinepu, and when functioning as the dual Wepwawets He can be shown both standing and laying down in addition to being shown as standing mirror images of Himself. He has also been depicted as a jackal headed man dressed as a soldier. Please visit Per-Sabu: House of Jackals – Wepwawet for information on some of the differences between Wepwawet and Yinepu.

Wepwawet is a god of making things happen. He operates in both this world and the next, leading us around obstacles that might stand in our way. The saying “when one door closes, another one opens” describes his function nicely. When one avenue is closed to us, Wepwawet will find us another way. In antiquity He was responsible for guiding the souls of the deceased through the Duat and lead processions upon His standard in times of war and in religious ceremonies.

*This section is still under construction as I get to know this beloved.

Epithets for Wepwawet-Yinepu:

This list is in no way exhaustive, these epithets are merely some of my personal favorites.

  • Opener of Ways.
  • Lord of the Duat.
  • The Messenger of the Road.
  • He Who Opens the Roads to Abydos.
  • The Foremost of Abydos.
  • The Foremost of the Souls of Heliopolis.
  • He Who Protects the Two Lands.
  • Lord of the West.
  • Lord of the Sacred Lands.
  • He Whose Name is Hidden in the Hills.
  • The Jackal of Upper Egypt.
  • He Who Loves Ma’at.
  • The Strong One.
  • He with the Great Souls.
  • The Ennead which watches over Osiris.
  • He Who Protects the Two Lands.
  • He Whose Legacy is Born.
  • The Beautiful One.
  • Lord of Carnage.
  • Lord of Myrrh.
  • The Foremost of the Sed Festival.
  • He Who is Sublime on the Standard.
  • He With the Sweet Joy.
  • The Powerful One.
  • Lord of the Two Cobras.
  • He Who Opens the Way for his Father, Whom His Heart Loves.
  • The Magnificent Jackal.

Offerings  for Wepwawet-Yinepu:

  • Myrrh (incense).
  • Clove (incense).
  • Dark Chocolate.
  • Animal Meats.
  • Rum.
  • Keys.
  • Games.
  • Puzzles.
  • Dice.
  • Pennies.

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4 Responses to “09) Wepwawet-Yinepu – Opener of Ways”

  1. Thanks for linking back to me at Per-Sabu! ^_^

    I do just want to note that the information given in the wikipedia entry for Wepwawet is very weak to say the least and shouldn’t really be relied on very much. It actually kind of pains me to read it.

    • I’ll have to read over it more closely. I didn’t use it in the creation of this page but I came across it this morning and figured it couldn’t hurt to add it since information is scarce.

  2. Dua Wepwawet, Great Opener of Ways, my Great Father!

  3. Hi, quality awe-inspiring article! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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